Corporate Development as a Service

Corporate Development as a ServiceWiden and deepen your 
deal funnel

CDaaS complements our clients’ existing deal flow: we rapidly and cleverly add highly‑qualified, ready‑to‑transact conversations to it. 

(Rev Ops + AI + Big Data)Deal-makers

Our deal-makers are the exponent in our human-first” CDaaS offering: they are the accelerant to exceptional outcomes for our clients’ M&A strategies and successes. Our sophisticated infrastructure and significant investments in rev ops, AI and big data help our deal pros connect our clients with ready-to-transact targets.

Gone are the days of deal sourcing being constrained by old approaches, which fall short in light of rapid developments in rev ops, big data and AI. 

We do the sophisticated target research, origination and advisory work at a personalized scale by combining old-school, one-on-one phone-led outreach, and our ground-breaking, AI-driven tech stack. All the while, measuring our interactions with targets and iterating our strategies. 

An example of a live deal funnel (mandate in environmental services, which launched in September 2020)  

Targets we curated that our clients reviewed and approved
Responses received from targets
Highly‑qualified, live meetings that we arranged between our clients and targets they approved
Offers made by our client
Deals closed

How does Spearhead extend your reach and pace of closings?

Technology and Process:

  • Our proprietary client portal enables you to review and approve/​disqualify target ideas
  • We track every touch point through all deal stages – our analytics (and learnings from it) are unparalleled 
  • Our research, data science and analytics team gets M&
  • Our investment in tech and AI rivals those used by the top B2B SaaS sales teams in the world 
  • Our processes and workflows are designed for worldwide scale for 10,000+ target mandates in multiple languages


  • We are advisors, first and foremost, who specialize in (and relish) top-of-the-funnel work 
  • Our experienced deal-makers have tangible connections (e.g. language, roots) to the regions they call into
  • We are incentivized to follow through on promising conversations for the long term
  • We train daily on best practices of sales enablement and lead generation 
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How we carry out our mandates

As a seamless extension of our clients’ corp dev teams, our deal teams have three main roles. Together, these deal functions deliver a substantial increase to the quality and quantity of deal flow for our clients. Our output is ready-to-transact, highly-qualified client-target meetings.

In carrying out our mandates, we go to great lengths to preserve our clients’ excellent reputations by being thoughtful, memorable and empathetic — recognizing that sellers are bombarded with generic outreach on a near-daily basis.

Because our clients have exceptional brands in their sectors, we always lead with our clients’ names — instantly building trust with potential sellers. 


Our databases aggregate and enrich over tens of millions of unique corporate records, across the globe. Using over 40 data points per record, our ability to curate and prioritize highly relevant target lists for our clients relies on advanced technologies and big data/ML techniques, scalable workflows, as well as experienced research analysts and managers who manually review for fit.

Our clients review, approve or disqualify targets via our proprietary client portal—they have full control and veto over who we reach out to.


Both up-and-coming (2+ years of deal experience) and experienced deal-makers staff up our Origination team. We excel at getting through to decision-makers via the most appropriate channel for a given target: phone, LinkedIn, email, snail mail. We craft deals from scratch and build relationships for the long-term. On a daily basis, our team hears from potential sellers: “I get these multiple times a week, but yours stood out from all the noise.”

For a target willing to transact and who we think is a good fit, our clients review our insights garnered from our live conversations with their owners that enrich our initial research, and give us the go-ahead or decline to meet with that target. We then arrange that meeting.

For targets who are interested and are a fit but not ready to transact, our clients trust and incentivize us to maintain these relationships for years until the time is right.


As a whole, our mandate team has a unique, frontline perspective on deal activity in our clients’ sectors, often before it happens. We keep close tabs on other consolidators. We compare and benchmark sector dynamics between our live mandates, and look for leading indicators and trends.

Our clients lean on these insights to help educate refinements and iterations to their M&A and investment strategies. We report to our clients on a regular basis on these insights, as well as on our deal funnel analytics and performance in detail.

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