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Life at Spearhead

We believe in exhibiting greatness of soul -> expecting the best and working to achieve it with vitality. Our strength comes from nurturing relationships and challenging ideas through open dialogue and encouragement.


We say yes to calculated risk-taking in the pursuit of outcomes and growth.


We achieve results and overcome any challenges that may get in our way. We are accountable for commitments, responsibilities and relationships.


We gain knowledge through a thoughtful process so every opinion rendered or decision made is more credible.

What's in it for you?

Compensation and benefits

We compensate our staff generously; we reward outstanding performance, outcomes, and above all behaviors and actions that further our mission and support our values.

The best at getting better

We invest in our people, promoting a culture of continuous learning and development.

We grow together

We focus on increasing the skillsets of our staff by implementing career lattices to drive growth in our teams and in our business. We invest as much in our remote-work tools and structure as we do in our bricks and mortar environments, leveling growth opportunities for all staff regardless of location.


We care about our team mates and their families. Our paid vacation and parental leave policies support those who want to spend time with, or grow, their families.

Diversity of thought promotes creativity and leads to better problem-solving.

Born outside the country in which they work
Countries of origin
First languages that are not English

Current opportunities

We believe that talent exists globally. As such, access to opportunity should not be restricted by geography. 

We are always looking for talent to join our teams in our offices worldwide. Learn more about our open positions.

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What our team members are saying

Working within the CDaaS team has been an incredible experience. Coming out of university, I was afraid of quickly becoming a cog in a system with no room for creativity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From day 1, my coworkers wanted to hear my opinion, and made a genuine effort to get to know me especially because I work remotely. Management has always made it a point to encourage my participation in calls with CEOs of large acquirers and PE firms. The opportunity to get on those calls has been instrumental in learning more about the world of M&A and what it takes to get deals done.

Benji website
Benji Ziegler,Analyst

It's been a pleasure being part of the CDaaS team. My peers have been very generous in helping me with the onboarding process and continuous guidance since I started in May. The management team is encouraging and supportive in all aspects of my role. There are ample resources available to help remote employees grow. The training and guidance have boosted my confidence, improved my work performance, and helped me communicate effectively in both my personal and professional life. Being able to strategically advise decision-makers of small, medium to large organizations is one of my greatest accomplishments. Doing it with compassion is key and it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I am able to assist clients to find suitable sellers. It's about building trust first. I've learned not to be afraid to take on a challenge because it helps me progress to the next level in my career.

Janine website
Janine Van Niekerk,Associate Manager

The willingness to engage with new members on the team and actively listen to what they have to offer speaks volumes to the openness of managers, right up to the partner level. Nobody made me feel like I was to be used as a robot, necessary space was given during a difficult personal situation that happened in my second week on the team and overall I feel like my teammates respect me as an equal. At the end of the day, your time is highly valued here and nobody will make you waste a second of it.

Jacob website
Jacob Elliot,Analyst

Coming from a large bank I was disenchanted with a slow-moving large behemoth and was looking for an environment driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. With the tremendous growth of Spearhead Corp. Dev., it was the philosophy of the firm’s leadership that spoke to me. It champions a get-sh*t-done attitude that drives real results for clients. You won’t find bureaucracy here, an aspect of our culture encouraged by an open and flat organizational structure that allows junior team members to work alongside partners and senior team members. This environment breeds the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and value is placed on initiative, hard work, and results - not seniority. The constructive and honest feedback on my work has been tremendous in my professional and personal growth.

Mo new
Mo Christ,Associate Vice President